Unemployed and broke? Top 9 income-hacker ways to make money sitting on your heifer

If someone tells you they’re unemployed, can’t find a job, and have no money, no need to drag out the violins and hankies. It really is time they pulled their head out of the sand to give it a good shake.

We are so lucky we live in the connected world this age offers. Never before in the history or man (and woman) has there been so much opportunity for people to make money on their own using the technology at hand, without being dependent on tightfisted and difficult bosses.

So without further ado, may I introduce our Top 9 income-hacker methods to make money with minimal effort required:

#9 Mechanical Turk
Mechanical Turk is a great way to make money sitting on your back endYou may have heard of Big Turk the chocolate bar but this is slightly different. Mechanical Turk was devised by Amazon (the book guys) and is essentially on online aggregator of human task armies for people that need big manpower jobs done. For example, let’s say a popular website has thousands of people uploading content each day, and each upload needs to be vetted by an actual human being. Instead of hiring an army of full time staff, the tasks are parcelled out as mini jobs to piecemeal workers via the Mechanical Turk website. Workers can work whenever they like, for as long or short as they wish, and all payments between jobs and workers are processed via the Mechanical Turk website. It breaks down like this: If you have eyes, ears, a heart beat, and an IQ over 50, head over and get signed up as a worker with Mechanical Turk.





#8 Film Extra
CraigsList is great place to find film extra jobs in your cityIf you like sitting on your backside, eating free food, and playing games on your mobile, all while getting paid to do so … then this job is for you. That’s not to say there won’t be periods of time when you’ll actually be standing on your feet and having to move around as part of a crowd or street scene, but that’s generally a lot less time than the sitting around and waiting time that this job involves. How do you find work as a film extra? Just one dead-easy instruction: watch your local CraigsList for the keyword “film extras” or “film extra” in the gigs or job section. You can also set up an email alert for the same keywords. Film extra work is usually quite well paid ($15-$20/hr) and can last for several days. Most major cities have ongoing film projects throughout the year, and we can’t think of too many other jobs where you can get paid for sitting around, eating, and doing mostly nothing. Can you?


#7 Imaginairie
Sell your photos as digital downloads on Imaginairie and make easy extra moneyIf you’ve ever gone on holiday and taken a photo with a camera or mobile, or taken photos at all, then you have access to an easy recurring income starting right now, with very minimal effort. All you need to do is start uploading your digital images for resale as stock images on the Imaginairie website. There are other stock photo sales websites out there but the nice thing about Imaginairie is that they pay photographers a 35% revenue share (many others pay less) and the system is dead easy to use. Their bulk-uploader allows you to upload 30 photos from your computer at a go, and all you need to do is add a title and keywords for each photo and you’re in business. For each photo uploaded they create 4 different sizes of digital downloads ranging in price from $1 to $10. The more photos you upload the great chance for future incremental revenues. Once your pics are uploaded, there is nothing else you need to do, in theory. If you promote your own photos via your own social media channels this can have a significant increase in your sales revenues.


#6 Mystery Shopper
Get paid to shop and east in restaurants by being a mystery shopperNo this job does not involve trench coats and forensics training for dark and foggy winter evenings. Quite the opposite my dear Watson! As a mystery shopper, your paid contract job will be to visit retail stores of all kinds, to make purchases for the purpose of grading the customer service experience. In this cut-throat day and age, business owners need to make sure their front line staff deliver consistent high quality service to customers. Specialist mystery shopper companies hire people like you to go to businesses to shop, dine, and interact with front line staff and report back your findings. There are often rules to be followed, and expenses for meal and product purchases are usually re-imbursed which is in addition to the mystery shopping fee that is paid for your services rendered. The typical fees paid per mystery shopping event is about $25, and sometimes purchases of physical goods need to be returned as part of the mystery shopping process. The best way to find a mystery shopping company that you can work for in your local area is to do a google search for “mystery shopping” or “mystery shopper” and see where they are active and apply if their offering fits your needs. So you don’t technically get paid for sitting on your back end, you get paid for shopping and eating in restaurants.


#5 Focus Groups
Find focus groups for easy money jobs on CraigsListThis job requires getting on the bus or metro, but after that, you’ll get paid for sitting on your back end for 1-2 hours. Here’s the deal. You can get paid for for giving your opinions and ideas by companies that are testing product and service changes. Typically these companies pay people to attend focus group meetings where they share variations of their new and improved products for your honest feedback about the changes. Often restaurants and food manufacturers will want to test a new sports bar, smoothies, packaged food, or fast food product to make sure it appeals to the widest band of tastes in the marketplace. Third party focus group companies are hired to run these focus groups, which hire people like you based on specific target market requirements dictated by their clients. First you’ll need to answer a short online survey and if you qualify, the focus group company will call you on the phone to further qualify you for the job and confirm your booking to attend. In almost all food related focus groups you cannot have any food allergies or sensitivities. But there are non-food focus groups too, and typical interest areas include cars, government agencies, medicine and health. For 1-2 hours of your time in a focus group you can often be paid anywhere between $50 and $150. Always in cash! You can google “focus groups” but we’ve found best results searching for the keyword “focus group” in the jobs and gigs category on CraigsList.

#4 Dog Walker
Make $80 by taking dogs on a one hour walk as a dog walkerOkay you can’t sit on your fanny for this job. But we had to include it because where else can you make $80 cashola by going for a one hour walk. And of course you get to set the hours and there’s work every day. Here’s the deal: you’ll need to have several dogs on leash and take them for their walk once a day, rain or shine, and you’ll need to plan to collect their poopings as it would be totally uncool to leave it on the ground for some poor bastard to step in. Depending on where you set up this gig, you may need to have a car as means to collect the dogs from their owners to transport them to the beach or park for the daily walks. Animal pick up and drop off is typically part of the service delivery for this job. In addition to good rate of pay, you’ll benefit from regular outdoor daily exercise, as holding half a dozen dobermans or mastiffs at bay is sure to build your core and upper body strength. There’s nothing wrong with that! So how to get started, right this very second? The three things you need to do get into this biz are as follows: 1) Download the PeerRenters app and go to List > Personal services (non-adult) and list your dog walking services as a daily rate. 2) Look for existing dog walking jobs in the gigs and jobs section of CraigsList. 3) Post your availability as a dog walker in the “pets” category of the services section of CraigsList.

#3 Online Paid Surveys
LetsYup, anyone can do this job. Well, let’s say just about anyone. On the plus side you can stay at home camped out in front of the TV, sitting in your birthday suit and stuffing your face with cheese puffs whilst on the job. On the downside, there’s quite a few. First, you’ll rarely get paid in cash. Not to say it isn’t done, but most paid survey companies will pay you with discount shopping points and pre-loaded stored value cards that you can only redeem at certain businesses. And one of the biggest downers is that you’ll put in quite a lot of time completing the surveys in order to “get paid” with the stored value cards. Finding these gigs is pretty simple. Just search “online paid surveys” on your favourite search engine and you’ll find pages and pages of middleman companies that you can create accounts with to get started down this bronze paved road.




#2 Our favourite get-paid-to-sit-on-your-ass and do not very much jobs
Our favourite get-paid-to-sit-on-your-ass and do not very much jobsFor the most docile and sedentary inclined folks, we have the perfect employment solutions. A rather introverted friend once told me “I am looking for a job where I don’t have to have any contact whatsoever with human beings.” Well folks, the jobs that follow will appeal to liked-minded job seekers everywhere: Baby-sitter, house-sitter, pet-sitter, night shift security guard, parking lot attendant, airport and shopping centre information desk clerk, and bank reception clerk. Who have we missed?





#1 PeerRenters
Think of PeerRenters as AirBnB for your stuff. It is like finding found money over and over again.Think of PeerRenters as AirBnB for your stuff. Who doesn’t own belongings like sporting goods, a bike, skate board, tools, consumer electronics, musical instruments, party furniture, ladders, camera and video gear, textbooks, to name a few. Most of us have all kinds of this stuff sitting around collecting dust and doing nothing. Instead we could be renting it out making money from it. Which is what I suggest you do without wasting a second. Just download the free PeerRenters app and start listing all your dormant stuff for rent. The app uses the camera on your ipad or phone to quickly photograph your gear which is offered for rent via localized map search within the app. As renters and owners are all vetted real people you don’t have to worry about dealing with people anonymously like on CraigsList. All rental transactions are booked and managed via the app. It’s kind of like turning all your stuff into found money, over and over again.



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