In the internet world of Kijiji and Craigslist, it is not uncommon to hear about people having bad or dangerous experiences in dealing with strangers. Craigslist robberies and assaults are sadly not uncommon.

The problem with these web based systems is that there is no identity verification of the parties that are engaged in transactions sourced via these services. Dealing with people anonymously will always bring a certain degree of risk.

One of our main goals in creating the PeerRenters service was to create a system that would significantly minimize this risk, by removing the anonymity from the equation.

Therefore, everyone that uses the PeerRenters app must create an account with us providing key identity information. It is not possibly to use our system anonymously.

Secondly, we collect a booking confirmation deposit from interested renters and purchasers. These deposits are collected via an online payment system (currently PayPal with others coming), which provides additional identity verification.

We also recommend a public meet up location for all transactions arranged via the PeerRenters app. And we will soon be launching a transaction feedback rating system to provide an added layer of security and confidence in dealing with parties via the PeerRenters system.

At this time, property owners can collect a refundable security deposit to protect the safe return of their rental property. In the next version of the app we will make provisions for credit card security deposits

In summary, the PeerRenters app has been designed to facilitate transactions between known parties. The system cannot be used anonymously, and we are planning future security enhancements for the betterment of our clients.