Are You Ready To Rent Stuff In Your Local Area?

It doesn’t make sense to purchase many items that are costly. Instead, you can rent such items from reliable people and businesses in your local community using the PeerRenters app.

Search For What You Want


Download the PeerRenters app onto your iPhone or iPad.

Click the “Search” button to look for whatever you need to rent. You can search by map or list view, by category*, by keyword, adjusting the search radius from your location, as well as search different locations.



Contact The Renter About Their Item


You can ask the owner a question (by email). And when you’re ready to rent, click the “Rent this item” button and follow the prompts. You’ll be able to view the property owner’s feedback reports before you commit to rent.

When you’re ready to rent, we’ll ask you for your rental start date, rental duration, and then tell you how much it will cost including taxes and security deposit if required.



Finalizing The Rental


We’ll charge you a 10% booking fee to confirm the rental, and send booking confirmation emails to you and the property owner so you can get in touch with each other.

The property owner will decide if he or she wants to go ahead with the rental. Either party has the option to cancel, in which case we’ll refund your 10% deposit.

If it is a go, we suggest meeting the property owner in a public location to conduct your transaction. You’ll need to bring the necessary payment and deposit (if required).

You can view the details of all your rentals by clicking the “Transaction” button in the app.

At the end of the transaction, don’t forget to leave a feedback report on the property owner.

And one more thing. You can also use the PeerRenters app to buy stuff locally.



Time To Find The Item You Have Been Searching For
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