Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with interactive peer rental and sales services via our app accessed via various mobile devices and related networks, PeerRenters Inc. (herein referred to as “PeerRenters”) collects, uses, and shares certain information about you. This policy explains what we collect, with whom we share it, and how you can interact with us in order to ensure the accuracy of the data we collect, use, and share.

The information PeerRenters collects from you helps us better serve and protect our mobile community. PeerRenters receives and stores the following information that you enter into the app about yourself: your name, email address, phone number, and physical address, along with image uploads pertaining to items listed within the app, and your profile photo, and traction feedback reports.

You are obligated to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information, and failure to provide such information could void any transaction arranged via the PeerRenters app. We use the information that you provide for such purpose as responding to customer service inquiries, improving our service, communicating with you, and allowing other app users to enter into rental and sales transactions with you and to fulfill their transactional obligations with you.

Protection of PeerRenters and third parties: PeerRenters will release data when we believe the release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce agreed to transactions arranged via the app, and to protect the contract rights of our clients. When an app user confirms their intent to enter into a rental or sale transaction with you via the app, we will pass the following data to them so they can follow through with their transaction with you: your name, email address, phone number, and physical address all as provided by you within the app.

Third Party Marketing: Other than detailed above, PeerRenters will never share your personal information and/or contact details with third party marketers. PeerRenters does not use or support the use of spam and the sending of unsolicited email in any form. We hate spam just as much as you do.

Suspended Accounts: To protect the PeerRenters community, we will suspend a users’ account in instances where we believe the user has engaged in fraudulent activity and/or has violated our User Agreement. In such cases, we will share any and all user information with necessary domestic and international law enforcement officials in efforts to seek lawful remedies for losses incurred by other app users. All account information for app users whose accounts have been suspended will be maintained in our database and security systems in perpetuity.

Any issue respecting your privacy may be directed to us at:

Privacy Officer

PeerRenters Inc.
337-2740 West King Edward
Vancouver, BC, V6L 3H5