Canadian Start Up Brings New Technology Spin to Student Jobs

March 18, 2014

Vancouver, BC: — In the days of yore, cash strapped students would have to resort to less than desirable jobs like painting homes, cutting grass, and waiting tables. Such jobs would eat hours away from precious study time, but the financial hardships of being a student necessitated earning extra income wherever possible. The advent of mobile technology shines a new light on the old term “student job”, with new and easy income supplementing possibilities now available on every student’s mobile phone. An opportunity now being honed by a Vancouver based start-up company.

Nobody has yet put an annual market value on the rapidly growing peer sharing economy. To date it has largely been an internet based phenomena with cars, bikes, rooms in homes, and sleeping couches being the most prevalent examples, where popular services like AirBnB, Zipcar, TaskRabbit, RidePal, CouchSurfing and even CraigsList, ebay and Kijjiji offer the benefits of collaborative consumption to their ever growing band of devotees, including many students.

However, a new Vancouver-based start up called PeerRenters is developing the crowd consumption model even further over to the world of mobile, specifically targeting the sharing of users’ personal belongings with other trusted members in the immediate local community.

Budget conscious students are the perfect beneficiaries of such a service. They typically live in close geographic proximity to each other. They have to manage their lives under very tight fiscal constraints. They cannot easily afford to purchase occasional use items that are costly in nature. And they can greatly benefit from a new revenue stream that can be set up literally in minutes, managed from their mobile phones, and stocked with their pre-existing belongings.

Almost everyone has dormant stuff laying around collecting dust. Specially students. Be it a GoPro camera, snow board, skates, winter parka, a pair of snow shoes, a flatbed scanner, you name it. Many such items cost between $100 and $200 or more, yet other people nearby might need occasional use of these items.

The new PeerRenters iPhone/iPad/iPod app allows anyone to list their dormant belongings for rent (or sale). Using geo-location map view technology, the app connects owners of dormant personal belongings with renters, in a much more efficient and safer means than web based services.

According to PeerRenters founder, Henry Tenby, “the app basically converts a user’s phone into an instant rental business. Which is perfect for students looking to easily supplement their income from the comforts of their own room, with minimal time and effort.”

App user Arjuna Perera of Vancouver explained, “I simply thought about items I wanted to sell or rent, laid them out on the floor and clicked away. The categories were well thought out and make it easy to list on-the-go. I simply downloaded the app and listed the pertinent info for my items without having to list cumbersome details that may have no relevance to the actual product. The map view makes it easy to determine how close other users’ items were.”

Richard Sipe of Seattle explained, “This is a great app for those who want some extra cash and who have some items laying around they either want to rent out to others or sell. This is a good app to network with others in your area and to sell those unwanted items.”

Both the app and the accompanying service are free for renters. Property owners pay a 10% fee for all transactions arranged via the app.

For students, all kinds of stuff are suitable for peer renting including sporting goods, camera and video gear, electronics, musical instruments, clothing, even special purpose household goods and personal temp employment services.

To confirm a transaction via the app, renters (and buyers) pay a small booking deposit. The balance due is then settled in person when the renter and property owner meet at the owner’s posted meet up location for the deal. This process removes the risk of dealing with completely anonymous parties via web based services like CraigsList and Kijijji.

PeerRenters founder Heny Tenby explained “by offering this service strictly on a mobile platform, it solves problems and brings benefits. It creates an easy instant business at the user’s finger tips 24-7, not possible in the PC world. With mobile growth outpacing internet growth, it brings faster and wider adoption possibilities than an internet based presence. Geo location allows for map-view search features which are the binding force that can make the business excel beyond what is possible in the PC world. Specially when the service is targeting the local community, the student communities.”

Media Contact: Tel 604-737-9996


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Media Contact: Tel 604-737-9996


Download the app here:



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