New App Converts Users’ Phone into Rental Business

Instant Peer Rental Business is now available for your iPhone.

New app enables geo-location peer renting in the local community,

with added security compared to online systems.

March 5, 2014

Vancouver, BC, Canada: A new app that converts a user’s iPhone (iPod or iPad) into an instant peer rental business is now in service.

Almost everyone has stuff laying around collecting dust; items that someone else in the community might need to use. The new PeerRenters app allows anyone to list such dormant belongings for rent or sale.

The PeerRenters app connects owners of dormant property with renters, in a much safer and more efficient means than web based services. Dormant items can then become a recurring revenue stream for owners.

For renters, the app also helps locate costly items they may need temporary use of, that don’t warrant the expenditure of a permanent purchase.

Both the app and the accompanying service are free for renters. Property owners pay a 10% fee for all transactions arranged via the app.

All kinds of stuff are suitable for peer renting via the app including clothing, electronics, equipment & tools, business and household items, sporting goods, vehicles, and even personal temp employment services.

Current rental listings include GoPro video cameras, an electric guitar and amp, professional video cameras, 35mm film cameras and lenses, projection screen, 16mm film projector, and there are many books, CDs, DVDs, games, and other items for sale.

To confirm a transaction, renters pay a small booking deposit via the app. The balance due is then settled directly with the property owner. This process removes the risk of dealing with completely anonymous parties via web services like Kijiji and Craigslist.

PeerRenters Inc. is a new Vancouver-based startup.

Media Contact: Tel 604-737-9996


Download the app here:



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