Mobile app helps rental businesses expand their reach

For decades local rental businesses served the communities in their very close geographic proximities, without the possibility for long term business growth that the internet and new technologies brought other industries.

Owners of the bricks and mortar rental businesses might not have been too comfortable to see the peer sharing economy develop in recent years, with the advancing reach of the internet. Everything from couches in houses, bikes, cars, carpools, taxi rides, to tradesman skills, tasks, five dollar gigs and more are taking place online.

However, a new iPhone mobile app called PeeRenters has the potential to help bricks and mortar rental businesses expand their revenue bases and reaches beyond their historical straight-line trajectories.

As explained in below video by the PeerRenters founder Henry Tenby, the Peer Renters app can literally take the entire inventory of a rental business, and very easily and quickly place it on a geo-location rental map, which is searchable by a younger, tech savvy demographic, who may not even be aware these old school businesses exist.

The app can literally, without exaggeration, take the complete inventory of a bricks and mortar rental business, and put in the pockets of thousands of new customers. And those potential new customers all have the ability to rent any item via the app at their finger tips.

The bricks and mortar rental business owner simply has to grab his iPhone and start photographing his rental items. You open the app, take a snapshot of your gear, enter a rental price, date range and rental security deposit, if necessary. When someone in your area looks for the item you have, you’ll pop up on a map. Peer Renters takes 10 percent of the rental fee.

This new concept is a no-brainer for owners of all kinds of rental businesses, including equipment rentals, camera and video gear rentals, party rentals, event rentals, wedding rentals, costume rental, film industry rentals and all other rental business niches.



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