Start Listing Your Stuff Today

Within Just A Few Minutes You Can Earn Some Extra Money By Renting Out Your Household Items You Rareley Use

How To Get Started With PeerRenters

Download the PeerRenters app onto your iPhone or iPad.

Click the ‘List’ button and follow the super easy steps to get your stuff listed for rent. If you don’t have good photos of your stuff on your mobile device, we’ll prompt you take a photo when we ask for the image.

With your listing you can set pricing, security deposit, and taxes (if applicable).*

We’ll let you know by email when someone commits to rent your item, along with their rental dates and contact details. You’ll also be able to see their feedback reports.

You can then decide go ahead with the rental .. or cancel it. It’s up to you.

If it’s a go, arrange to meet your renter at a public location. You’ll collect a 90% payment from the renter, along with all taxes and security deposit if required. (The renter will have pre-paid a 10% booking fee, which we keep as our finder’s fee.)

If you don’t want to go ahead with the deal, just click the ‘cancel button’ and we’ll send a polite email to the renter letting them know you weren’t able to accommodate them this time.

At any time, you can always view the details of all your rentals by clicking the Transaction button in the app.

At the end of the transaction, don’t forget to leave a feedback report on the renter.Oh, and one more thing. You can also use the PeerRenters app to list stuff for sale.


Why List With PeerRenters

Earn Extra Cash

You can earn extra spending cash from renting out the stuff you rarely use around your house. Ranging from movies to power tools, anything anyone needs you can list.

Get In Touch With People In Your Area

PeerRenters uses geo location search to make sure your stuff is in front of people in your area

Quick and Easy

With in just a few minutes you can have your stuff listed on PeerRenters app for anyone searching in your area.

Safe and Secure

Everyone that uses the PeerRenters app must create an account with us providing key identity information. It is not possible to use our system anonymously.