The PeersRenters app really is as simple as “Snap it, List it, Rent it.” But here are some other questions you may want us to answer before you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

I am worried about my stuff getting damaged or stolen if I rent it out via the app. How can you protect me?

Just like a bricks and mortar rental business, the PeerRenters app allows property owners to set a deposit amount to be paid by the renter, to protect against loss or damage to the item rented. If the renter returns the item in good condition at the end of the rental term, the property owner will return the deposit to the renter.

Can I search for stuff away from my current location?

Absolutely! First you need to be on the search screen (magnifying glass bottom left). Then select the drop down arrow (upper right corner) and select the very bottom “Location Search” box, where you can enter an alternate location for your search. Here is a screenshot.

Can I get more information on the person who wants to buy or rent from me before I accept their transaction request?

Before you accept or decline a rental or purchase transaction via the app, we present you with an opportunity to view the profile and feedback of interested renters and buyers. This way you can decide if you’d like to proceed in dealing with someone before you accept their transaction request.

What currencies does the app support?

Transactions for Canadian listings are priced in $CAD, and transactions for all other transactions are priced in $USD.

Can booked rental/purchase transactions be cancelled?

Yes, either party can cancel a transaction which will result in the refund of any deposit made via the app.

What is the minimum rental duration?

One calendar day is the minimum rental duration using the PeerRenters app.

Can I ask a property owner questions about their rental offering or item for sale before I commit to rent or buy from them?

Yes, the app allows for questions and answers between interested parties, using email and push notifications.

As a property owner, do I have to accept specific rental or sale transaction requests?

The app allows property owners to reject rental or sale transaction requests, which might be necessary due to poor feedback on the interested party.

What are the fees?

Property owners pay a 10% rental or sale transaction fee. Listing your stuff for rent or sale with PeerRenters is free, and we encourage you to list as much as your stuff as possible to maximize your earnings potential.

How can I deactivate/activate my listings?

Go to the Transactions/My Listed Items screen where you will find the deactivate/activate button for each listing.

Can I use PeerRenters to sell items via the mail?

At this time the PeerRenter system only facilitates listings to be concluded in person with other people in your local community. In the future we will add new features that may include customer not present transactions.

Is there insurance for items rented out using the PeerRenters app?

This is a great question. At present the app does provide for property owners to collect a security deposit to secure the safe return of their items from renters. As we are a brand new start up, it will take some time for our business to scale to the point where we can find an insurance company to provide some form of the other coverage options. So that is our intention. How long that will it take? We do not know the answer to that question unfortunately.