Privacy Policy

In order to provide you with interactive peer rental and sales services via our app accessed via various mobile devices and related networks, PeerRenters Inc. (herein referred to as “PeerRenters”) collects, uses, and shares certain information about you. This policy … Read More

Renting stuff

It doesn’t make sense to purchase many items that are costly. Instead, you can rent such items from reliable people and businesses in your local community using the PeerRenters app. Renting Stuff Download the PeerRenters app onto your iPhone or … Read More

Listing Stuff

All kinds of stuff can be listed for rent with the PeerRenters app. Snap a pic with your phone. List in seconds. The app then helps you finds reliable renters. Listing your Stuff Download the PeerRenters app onto your iPhone … Read More


The PeersRenters app really is as simple as “Snap it, List it, Rent it.” But here are some other questions you may want us to answer before you get started. Q) Can I search for stuff away from my current … Read More

Is your stuff collecting dust?

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