What the mainstream media like the CBC and newspapers are not telling you about the Canada Post 72 hour strike notice.

Canada Post 72 hour strike notice – details no other media source will tell you

Vancouver – Saturday, August 27, 2016 You probably heard about the Canada Post 72 hour strike notice, and if you run a business that depends on the mails, you are probably concerned the postal service here in Canada will come … Read More

Fertilizer Spreader PeerRenters app

It’s fertilizer time! A great tip for your lawn from PeerRenters founder Henry.

Spring has sprung and it is time to fertilizer your lawns. The PeerRenters app founder has a valuable tip before you go out and buy your fertilizer, check out the video below. And if you are in Vancouver, Canada .. … Read More

Unemployed and broke? Top 9 income-hacker ways to make money sitting on your heifer

If someone tells you they’re unemployed, can’t find a job, and have no money, no need to drag out the violins and hankies. It really is time they pulled their head out of the sand to give it a good … Read More

Mobile app helps rental businesses expand their reach

For decades local rental businesses served the communities in their very close geographic proximities, without the possibility for long term business growth that the internet and new technologies brought other industries. Owners of the bricks and mortar rental businesses might … Read More

The Peer Sharing economy: a primer

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