Rent out your own stuff & make money. Or rent stuff you need instead of buying. From trusted people & shops in your community.
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List Your Rental in Seconds

Just select a rental category, add a brief description and some pics, set your rental rates, and in seconds your listing is searchable on the map by thousands of potential renters.

Simple & Fast To List. Safe To Rent

List your surplus stuff in seconds and get a safe connection to renters in your area.

Earn Extra Cash

Earn some extra spending money by renting out your household goods to people locally.

Find Trusted People

View the profile and feedback of interested renters and buyers in advance of your rental.

Safe and Secure

Using our security deposit option will help ensure the safe return of your goods.

Saves You Money

Why go buy costly items when you can use PeerRenters to rent them for a small cost.

Geo Location Map

Easily search for potential rental items in your neighborhood.

Free Download From App Store

PeerRenters has been added to the app store and can be downloaded for free.

It is free to download and creates a mini rental business. Allowing people to rent their personal stuff to others.
Neetu Garcha "BCIT students seem to like the app."
"PeerRenters is a unique and great idea. You might not get rich from using this app, but it is a terrific way to get at least a little bit of extra cash for the things you have but aren’t using all the time."
Clef Meister "Great Unique Money-Maker!"
" So instead of buying something that you only need for 1 or 2 days, you can find and rent it locally on your iPhone. Instead of renting from a big company, the app empowers local people and businesses. Hugely satisfied thus far!"
Joe Picco "Novel Idea with a Slick Interface"

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